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BIts and Pieces Series 2015
There came a time last year when I felt a tremendous need to de-clutter my studio, but it was harder than I thought to throw out work, which I no longer wanted. There were bits and pieces of this work that still spoke to me. In the end I cut and tore sections of my handmade paper from a session at Haystack, old paintings, and prints, and collaged them onto wooden boards as a start for further exploration. This process gave them a whole new life. I have always liked collage, but this was different in that it was both my past and my future, and that made for a very satisfying adventure.
2012 Show
Paintings by Jenifer Mumford.
These paintings are part of my exploration of the unseen forces in the landscape. I use the light that blankets and suffuses the landscape, drawing out its shape, structure and the elements of the life that is lived there.
Collage by Jenifer Mumford
This series of collages were created in Paris. I collected materials from the streets, the pieces that were small and portable and reflected my life like a journal.
Drawings by Jenifer Mumford
This series of drawings comes from a fascination with the natural world. It is not a technical or scientific study, but rather a visualization of the organic transformations that are felt but rarely represented.
Encaustic art by Jenifer Mumford
Encaustic creates a mysterious sense of dimensionality and luminosity using the layering of materials with melted wax. It is a tricky medium, and its most fascinating characteristic is its unpredictability that can open up new ways of seeing and creating.
Photographs by Jenifer Mumford
These two photography series, one done in Paris and one done along the Fort Point channel in Boston, study places where details tell of another life. The first is of a former time in another city. The second is of the natural forces of the wind and water.